Rehabilitation Of Maaza Juice Factory at Korangi Industrial Area


Narrative description of Project: The Factory was previously owned by Sunkist management. Subsequently it was taken over by the owner of Maaza Juice. The total built-up area of the factory is 44,000 sq-ft. The factory is 20-years old and it has started showing signs of deterioration. Leakages were noticed due to the failure of waterproofing system and structural cracks were found to be appearing in the RCC beams and columns.

Exponent Engineers were assigned the job of rehabilitation and refurbishment of the factory. Refurbishment works were carried out by jacketing of beams and a new RCC slab was cast. New waterproofing system was also laid. Exponent Engineers were also responsible for the detailed supervision of the work.

The total project cost of the rehabilitation and refurbishment works was PKR 10.0 Million. The work was successfully completed in three (03) months.

Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment: Exponent Engineer Scope of Services include;

  • Civil & Structure Design
  • Project Management
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