We have extensive experience in topographic surveying utilizing latest and state of the art high precision differential GPS for control setup. Our experienced engineers have conducted control surveys to accuracy in the tune of 1 in 300,000 using this technique considering proper mission planning, curtain plans and long duration simultaneous observations necessary to achieve such accuracies.

Development of Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from stereo satellite imagery for hilly terrain for the master planning is also one of its strong expertise. We have extensive experience in conducting topographic surveys for the planning and design of engineering systems and to develop Geographical Information Systems [GIS] for various engineering and socio-economic disciplines.

We have performed topographic surveys and developed GIS for international organizations and local governments as well.


  • Development of GIS Base Maps For Gilgit & Skardu
  • The Project for the Master Plan Study on Livestock, Meat & Dairy Development in Sindh Province
  • Development of GIS Based Hazard Maps Of Lai Nullah Flood Zone
  • GSM Based Monitoring of Water Flow at Water Inlets for clean drinking water for all (CDWA) project Purification Plants.
  • Development Of Fleet Management and order Management
  • Nation-wide Mapping of the Textile Industries to Analyze the Requirement of Combined Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP’s)
  • Development of GIS Based Fleet Management and Supply Chain Automation System for Engro Foods
  • Development Of Geographic Information System For Town Municipal Authority, Jaranwala
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