Technical Survey Of Oil Pier-I (Op-I) At Karachi Port, Karachi


Narrative description of Project: The Oil Pier -1 at Karachi port was constructed in the late 1970’s. Over the years, the pier developed structure / functional problems. KPT management hired the services of Exponent Engineers (Pvt.) Limited to study those problems and suggest the remedial measures.

Description of Actual Services provided by your staff: Exponent Engineers (Pvt.) Limited studied the following problems and suggest remedial measures.

  • Study the performance of breasting dolphins and suggest measures to rectify the problems.
  • Study the existing cathodic protection system and suggest improvement in the system.
  • Survey the tubular piles of jetty and suggest measures to rectify the defects.
  • Carryout the condition survey of Superstructure and suggest remedial measures.
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