JICA intended to establish a data base for Persons Trip trends showing the movement patterns of people of Karachi. This data base was to be used the development of a detailed transport Master Plan for the city. A total of 26,300 households i.e. about 175,000 individuals were interviewed in the project. The samples were proportionately distributed to all the 18 tows, 178 Union Councils and 6 Cantonment Areas with respect to their population. The study also resulted in a GIS based map representing travel patterns of city residents.

Scope of Services

  • Conducting Household Interview Survey (27,300 households – about 150,000 individuals);
  • Designing HIS Field Surveys forms;
  • Developing HIS Training Manuals;
  • Field Staff Training;
  • Supervision of entire data collection & processing;
  • Development of Trips Rate and other Mathematical Results
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