Importance of a elaborated management and monitoring system, vehicles, trains, large buses and facilities engaged in mass movement of people within urban areas has gained popularity in view of increasing migration of rural population to urban areas.

Exponent Engineers has gained considerable specialization, experience and approach in the field of Mass Transit Systems. We have a strong team of professionals for handling projects related to MTS.

Our professionals have long supported local and regional agencies, International financial donors, municipalities, and private development entities in developing and implementing transport development projects. Which are consistent with the vision, character, and needs of the community and the cities.
Exponent Engineer is proud to be involved in various Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Lines in Karachi-Pakistan. Our consortium recently got approved for Operational Design & Business Model (ODBM) of Karachi BRT (Red-Line). Exponent Engineers is working for Design & Construction Supervision of Karachi BRT (Blue-Line). Exponent is also working on Bus Operation Plan for Karachi BRTs Orange and Green Lines and doing the Design Vetting & Value Engineering for Karachi BRT (Green Line). We have also developed feasibility studies & preliminary design of three BRTs lines in Karachi (Brown, Yellow and Blue Lines).

Exponent Engineers has experience of geometric design of 3 BRT lines in Karachi, Pakistan. Additionally, we have privilege to be associated on USD 2000 million project related to Rail Based Commuter System in Karachi, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Our services in the field of Mass Transit System (MTS) includes following project of diversifie scope:


  • Design & Construction Supervision of Karachi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System – Blue Line
  • Operational Design and Business Model for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System – Red Line
  • Operational Design and Business Model for Peshawar BRT
  • Transaction Advisory Services for Bus Operation Plan for BRTs Orange Line and Green Line
  • Consultancy Services for third party Design Vetting Value Engineering for BRT Green Line Project
  • Prefeasibility Study of 3 BRT lines namely “Blue”, “Brown” &”Yellow” lines with Implementation Program and Organizational Structure
  • Validation of the SAPROF Study for Revival of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR)
  • Implementation of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) Project (SAPROF) – II
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