60% of residents of Karachi travel by Public Transport. A total of 6.9 million people in Karachi use buses every day. To support this demand there were 145 operating bus routes in the city with about 6,000 total buses. In order to strengthen public transport system & facilitate public transport users of Karachi the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK) planned to introduce 4,000 buses, running on CNG, in the city in 5 years’ time. In its first stage busses were planned to operate on 40 routes covering a network of about 1,323 km.

Scope of Services

  • Public Transport Planning & Design;
  • Public Transport Strategic Policy & Need Assessment;
  • Public Transport Regulation & Controls;
  • Public Transport Operational Planning;
  • Support for Development of Financial Model under PPP;
  • Transaction Advisory Support;
  • Design Aspects & Environmental Aspects;
  • Field Survey & Inventory;
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