A geographic information system (GIS) consists of integrated computer hardware and software that store, manage, analyze edit, output, and visualize geographic data. A working GIS integrates five key components: hardware, software, data, people, and methods.   GIS technology can be used for scientific investigations, resource management, and development planning. Many retail businesses use GIS to help them determine where to locate a new store. Marketing companies use GIS to decide to whom to market stores and restaurants, and where that marketing should be. Exponent Engineers has adequate soft and hardware resources to carry out tasks related to GIS.

Exponent Engineers has implemented GIS solutions in a variety of organizations varying from small to medium to large size organizations. Under GIS application program, We have developed databases pertaining to various thematic applications for various customers. It has the privilege of providing application-based training to professionals from organizations.

We provide complete mapping solution. The information conveyed by a map can be graphically represented as a set of map components. Location information on a map is represented by:

  • Points, for features such as site locations or electric poles
  • Lines, for features such as streams, roads or contour lines
  • Areas, for features such as lakes, political boundaries, or soil units


  • Development of GIS Base Maps For Gilgit & Skardu
  • The Project for the Master Plan Study on Livestock, Meat & Dairy Development in Sindh Province
  • Development of GIS Based Hazard Maps Of Lai Nullah Flood Zone
  • GSM Based Monitoring of Water Flow at Water Inlets for clean drinking water for all (CDWA) project Purification Plants.
  • Development Of Fleet Management and order Management
  • Nation-wide Mapping of the Textile Industries to Analyze the Requirement of Combined Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP’s)
  • Development of GIS Based Fleet Management and Supply Chain Automation System for Engro Foods
  • Development Of Geographic Information System For Town Municipal Authority, Jaranwala
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