Transportation is the lifeblood of urban systems and Exponent Engineers has gained considerable experience and skills in the field of Transportation Engineering. We have a strong team of professionals for handling projects related to Transportation Engineering & Planning. We believe that the designs of transport solutions,enhances urban life and protect the natural environment, and are imperative for long-term planning.
Our transportation engineering department is proud to be involved in developing detailed demand forecast model for Karachi, Pakistan, which is a city with around 20 million people and developing Karachi Transport Master Plan under Japanese Funding & Technical Assistance.

Our Transportation Engineering Department provides comprehensive services for a variety of engineering requirements. The focus of this department is directed to our experience and capabilities in the area of roadway projects. Be it an urban area with physical land constraints or may it be high speed rural highway or a road in mountainous terrain, we have the ability to design and supervise the construction.

Our transportation engineering department is privileged to be involved in design of a long Steel Road bridge (N-70) under Japanese funding through JICA, the project of one of its kind in Pakistan. Exponent Engineers also has experience of geometric design of 3 BRT lines in Karachi, Pakistan. We also have gained good experience of geometric design of urban structures. Exponent Engineers has extensively worked on numerous traffic impact assessment & other studies within & outside Pakistan, including Saudi Arabia, Sudan & Tanzania.


  • Karachi Transport Improvement Project (KTIP)
  • Karachi-Thatta Dual Carriageway Project (KTDC). Detailed Design & Construction Supervision
  • Confirmatory Green Bus Route Study for Implementing CNG Bus System as Public Transport in Karachi
  • Future Traffic Demand Forecasting Study for Karachi
  • Analysis of Person Trips & Development of Person Trips Movement GIS Maps in Karachi
  • Feasibility Study of Malir Expressway
  • Traffic & Financial Study for Construction of Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway (M-9)
  • Traffic Impact Assessment of Bharia Town Icon Tower
  • Traffic Modeling for Alsunut Infrastructure Master Plan Khartoum, Sudan
  • Passenger Ridership Validation Study for Bus Route B1 and B28
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