Assignment Name:
Feasibility Study of Malir Expressway


Location within Country:


Name of Client:

Frontier Works Organization (FWO)

Completion Date:

February 2011

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


Narrative Description of Project:

Primary Disciplines:
  • Transportation Planning & Design
  • Traffic Analysis & Demand Forecast
  • Transportation Operational Planning
  • Design & Cost Estimation
Defense Housing Authority is planning to develop an entirely new city on Super Highway. For this reason an expressway of 40 km is required to connect the existing DHA with the new development. Malir River flows in the same direction and has ample amount of right of way (ROW) to construct an expressway which would benefit not only the above said riders but also to the freight transport. Since, it could travel to super Highway from Qayyumabad without hindering the traffic within city so for this matter FWO (Frontier Works Organization, Pakistan) is interested to develop this project on BOT basis so that they can make it as a good business opportunity for themselves.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

  • Transportation planning for the whole new Expressway construction
  • Route Alignment Study
    • Route Visit / Mapping (using Google Maps)
    • Traffic demand-based study of various proposed alignments
    • Study of possible demand enhancement measures & Identification of areas of interchange construction
    • Recommendations on the most feasible alignment
    • Traffic Study
      • Development of OD Matrix from Karachi Transport Improvement Project (KTIP) 2010 HIS Data
      • Development of Road Network with road capacities
      • Performing Manual Traffic Volume Count Surveys for Network Calibration in Project Zone of Influence
      • Topographic Surveys
      • Network Calibration of Existing Road Network
      • Developing mathematical models for future traffic growth
      • Performing traffic assignment for volume estimation on Malir Expressway under different toll scenarios
      • Estimating potential traffic diversions under various policy options
  • Concept Design
    • Finalization of ultimate alignment
    • Finalizing locations of interchanges
    • Finalization of demand enhancement measures required for the project
    • Development of Pavement Design
    • Determining lane requirements & capacity analysis
    • Preparing Concept Design
    • Developing microsimulation model of the entire project along with toll booth simulations for estimating performance parameters like queue lengths, average delays, etc.
    • Developing Cost Estimates
    • Developing Financial Model on BOT for the entire project concession period
    • Reviewing possible environmental issues, their impacts & possible solutions for mitigation

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