As the word Tele suggests, telecommunication is the foundation of communication between two people sitting distance apart. No organization or social setup can flourish and progress without effective means of telecommunications. Pakistan in recent past, has shown great resilience in embracing this technology. Numerous, multinational firms have been awarded license to do business and spread their networks across length and breadth of country.

Exponent engineers has been quite instrumental in their success. We are the leading specialist for the analysis, design, detailing, quantity surveying & supervision of fabrication, testing and erection of telecommunication antennae supporting towers, masts, railings and monopoles both greenfield and roof. We have been working with all the international telecom companies working in Pakistan including Mobilink (Orascom), Ufone, PTCL, Telenor, Zong, Warid, CMPAK, Telecard, Wi-Tribe, Roshan (Afghanistan), Huawei, Nokia Siemens, ZTE, Ericcson, Alcatel, Nortel. We have provided services for:

Analysis/Audit of BTS, BSC & MSC Green Field Sites

  • Site survey
  • Soil investigation
  • Site detail layouts
  • Foundation designs for towers etc.
  • Foundation designs for BTS Shelter, Room or ODUs
  • Grounding system designs
  • Electrical design
  • Retaining walls designs
  • BOQs

Roof Top Sites

  • Site survey
  • Site detail layouts
  • Foundation design for towers etc.
  • Foundation design for BTS shelter etc.
  • Grounding system designs
  • Electrical designs
  • Building stability analysis & feasibility report
  • BOQ

Test Conducted for feasibility of Buildings

  • Magnetic rebar locators used for locating reinforcement to ascertain the pressure of RCC columns, beams and slabs.
  • Schmidt hammer tests for determining the strength of concrete by NDT

Tower Design & Strengthening

The existing towers are generally overloaded and the same have to be strengthened accordingly. Scope of work undertaken for the same in as under:

  • Strength evaluation analysis of tower for designed and additional loadings.
  • Planning appropriate remedial measures for strengthening.
  • Prefer analysis, design and detailing for strengthening work along with methodology of fabrication and execution of the remedial measure

Exponent Engineers has been designing telecommunication structures such as towers, monopoles, masts & guyed masts for many telecom & non-telecom clients in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are also providing structural rehabilitation services to the structures, which have been affected by earthquake, fire or poor construction. We provide reason and remedial measures for the structural integrity of their buildings and sites.


  • Design Of Paktel Telecommunication Sites In Pakistan
  • Design Of Telenor Telecommunication Sites
  • Design Of Mobilink Telecommunication Sites
  • 25 & 30-Meter Self Supported Microwave Tower In Afghanistan
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