Assignment Name:
USAID District That Work Project (DTW)


Location within Country:

All over Pakistan

Name of Client:

District That Work / USAID

Completion Date:

July 2010

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:

Engineering Consultant International Ltd (ECIL)

Narrative Description of Project:

U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a task order to Urban Institute (UI), a Non-Profit Organization, to implement the District That Work (DTW) project in Pakistan. The DTW project had a DSF component of USD 5.2 million that can be accessed by the participating district Government/TMA entities for rehabilitation and expansion of public facilities such as buildings, potable and waste/sewerage water systems, schools, BHUs and District/Tehsil Council’s infrastructure in the four eligible districts. The services of M/S ECIL in association with M/S Exponent Engineers were acquired for provision of engineering design & construction supervision services for the identified infrastructure projects under the detail DSF support in the following four district / TMAS of the DTW projects;
  • District Mansehra & Tehsil Mansehrs;
  • District Sialkot & Tehsil Sambrial;
  • District Khanewal & Tehsil Mian Chnnu;
  • District Sukkur & Tehsil Rohri

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

Provision of Engineering Design & Construction Supervision services for the identified infrastructure projects under the detail DSF support in the following districts / TMAS of the DTW projects;
  • District Mansehra: Up-gradation of Primary School to Girls Secondary School, Establishment of District Resource Center, Improvement of District Council Hall, Renovation of Darul Amman Building & Women Skill Development Center, Establishment of Complaint Cell and offices for TMA service delivery staff, Improvement of Tehsil Municipal Hall and Improvement of DCO offices & Construction of Disaster Management & Complaint Cell
  • District Khanewal & Sialkot: Establishment of Science Labs, provision of Sports facilities and furniture to eight GHS, Improvement of Water Supply Distribution Network and Extension of Sewerage System in Shams Pura, Mian Channu, Improvement of Water Supply network in TMA Sambryal, Storm Water Drainage and Construction of various offices
  • District Sukkur: Construction of two shelter less primary schools, Establishment of District Resource Center, Construction of building for Socio Economic Center, Provision of Clean Drinking Water through Filtration Plant and Construction of collecting sewer / rain water drain, pipe culverts and remodeling of oxidation ponds

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