Assignment Name:
Development of Web-Based Geographic Information System (GIS) for Sindh Coal Authority (Thar Water Master Plan)


Location within Country:

Tharparkar District, Sindh

Name of Client:

  • Sindh Coal Authority
  • EMC Pakistan Ltd
  • Completion Date:

    May 2018

    Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


    Narrative Description of Project:

    This Component involves Development of Geographic Information System (GIS) for “Thar Water Master Plan” project. The GIS based dataset shall be used as a facilitation tool for overall planning, implementation and monitoring of investment, resettlement, compensation, environmental monitoring and other related activities by Coal and Energy Development Department and Investors.

    This project regarding GIS provided sound and scientific basis for Preparation of Water Master Plan for Thar Coal fields including Hydro geological, Water Supply and Waste water Management Studies‘, Social and environmental studies particularly, in the areas of land use plan‘, resettlement plan‘ and water master plan‘.

    These strategic and operational plans would cover changes in topography, land form and land use; soil erosion / contamination; water consumption and / or contamination; air quality deterioration; loss of natural habitat and vegetation, and threat / damage to wildlife resources; land acquisition and involuntary resettlement issues; effects on the livelihood of the local population; employment opportunities; safety and public health hazards for the local community; influx of workforce; and other environmental and social issues.

    Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

    .item{ text-decoration: underline; font-weight: 700 ] .number-list{ list-style-type: decimal; } .alphabet-list{ list-style-type: lower-alpha; } The following services were provided by Exponent Engineers Staff:
    • Preparation of Base Map

      EE shall develop high (0.4 - 0.5 meters spatial resolution) and low-resolution sheets (2.5 meters pan spatial resolution), which will combine hydrological, topographical, social, and environmental and infrastructure data (including existing roads, power grids etc). The high resolution images shall cover existing blocks using high/low resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM), technical specifications are DEM Positional Accuracies: (For High Resolution) CE90 4-5 meters LE90 2-3 meters NMAS 1:5000 Ortho-corrected Yes, Target Elevation Angle >72 deg Mosaic Yes – High positional accuracy (For Low Resolution) SPOT DEM (30 m or less horizontal accuracies & < 20m vertical)

    • Geotechnical Investigation Spatial Data

      EE shall undertake technical investigation of contours of water tables including geospatial subsurface groundwater regime on the basis of available geophysical investigations and seams on bore log lithology by hydrogeology consultant(s). This data would be integrated with the results of “Hydrological, Water Supply and Wastewater Management Studies” to be undertaken. The data will be transferred into the GIS and the Consultant shall make a determination as to whether there is sufficient data to prepare 3D model based on the sub surface horizontal and vertical domains delineated and assessed for the domain of aquifers and sub-surface stratification identified by the respective consultant. If not, Consultant shall model according to the data available and provide guidance to the Coal and Energy Department on additional data collection that would be necessary to complete geospatial modeling. This spatial data will contribute in developing tenement mapping and preparing an integrated Geo-data base. Integration and interpretation of geophysical logs and translation into multi layers subsurface strata mapping and geo database records. The GIS model shall enable investors to assess in quantifiable terms extents in 3D space.

    • Specific data layers within the GIS would include the following:
      1. Existing Topography of each developed block and for the four new proposed blocks.
        Digital Elevation Model (DEM) shall be purchased for the above given blocks (Nine 09 No.) at 5m-resolution to achieve the requisite topographic accuracies with added verification through Dual Frequency Differential GPS (DGPS). The remaining project area shall be covered for topographic assessment with medium to low resolution DEM. DEM will be purchased by the consultant but will remain the property of Government of Sindh.
      2. The initial structure for an ongoing development of a land-use plan, incorporating data currently available (or that will be made available during the course of this contract) to carry out:
        1. Identification of appropriate locations for proposed worker colonies and will also suggest infrastructure development within and between the blocks for the ongoing projects and for future needs. The task will be carried out in coordination with the Thar Coal Energy Board and Sindh Board of Revenue based on land classification of Deh maps.
        2. Proper location for development of new blocks in Thar coalfields. Additional areas of prospecting areas shall be identified on the basis of the Board of Revenue records (Deh maps) and other GIS based infrastructure details.
        3. Layout mapping for required services including right of way for different blocks for smooth working of investors.
      3. Underlying Geological Stratification information based on existing data with the department to become part of Geodatabase, which will be submitted in form of a report.
      4. Block wise details including following:
        1. Geological Data.
        2. Aquifer data (based on available data).
        3. Accurate Coordinates of each Block.
        4. Exact location and number of villages in each block with number of household and exact coordinates.
      5. Villages / settlements with coordinates in entire coalfield area.
      6. Digital Elevation (3D) Model at 5.0 meter Resolution for existing blocks & proposed four new blocks (same as Task 1).
      7. Required GIS data for Re-settlement Plan:
        1. Deh Maps overlay on high-resolution satellite image.
        2. Land use categorization based on land record.
        3. Proposed re-settlement location identification.

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