Assignment Name:
Feasibility Study and Transaction Advisory Services for the Development, Operation and Maintenance of Karachi Circular Railway as a Modern Urban Railway Under Public – Private Partnership (PPP) Mode


Location within Country:


Name of Client:

Pakistan Railways

Completion Date:


Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


Narrative Description of Project:

Pakistan Railways intend to Develop, Construct, Rehabilitate, Operate and Maintain Karachi Circular Railway as a modern urban railway under Public-Private Partnership Mode. The project also envisions the commercial exploitation of real estate (Stations and other identified land parcels along the KCR ROW) and the potential for other non-rail revenue earnings. The main objectives of the Project are:
  • The development of KCR as a modern urban railway
  • To help ease traffic flow on the various major arteries
  • To help reduce travel delays and traffic congestion on the city roads
  • To provide affordable all-weather accessibility

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

Following are services provided by the team:
  • Design & Execution of field surveys for the project.
  • Data processing of field surveys to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Development of Traffic Forecast Model for current and future scenarios for with & without KCR implementation to estimate the ridership.
  • Development of Operational Plan for KCR Operations.
  • Estimation of Non-Fare Revenue Potential along KCR route and its allied facilities.
  • Selection of Distance based fare slabs mechanism for operations of KCR.
  • Assessment of Real Estate Potential along KCR Alignment.
  • Planning of Real Estate Development on Pakistan Railways property along KCR Alignment.
  • Economic & Sensitivity Analysis

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