Assignment Name:
Initial Environmental Examination of Karachi IT Tower Complex


Location within Country:

Civic Center, Karachi

Name of Client:

IJM Construction Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

Completion Date:

Jun 2008

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


Narrative Description of Project:

IT Tower Complex is a project of such nature that will provide 10,000 seats call centres, a three basement car parking area to facilitate 2,500 cars at a time, food courts, high class shopping arcade, Cineplex for entertainment purposes, a hotel and other office spaces. Tower will have 47 stories. A total covered area of 2.8 million ft2 will be occupied by the tower. It is a project of IM Technologies. This project is a multi-use complex and will fulfil office needs as well as providing accommodation and entertainment facilities. It will have world class support facilities and services to manage the whole building through a centralised building management systemAn Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) has been carried out to provide all necessary information on potential environmental and social impacts at the different stages of construction of the project.; an IEE document has been prepared to meet the legislative requirements of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

  • Conducted a study to develop a baseline understanding of the project's current environmental and socioeconomic conditions.
  • Identified the potential impacts of the proposed project.
  • Developed a mitigation matrix that included both technical and non-technical measures to address these impacts during both project phases.
  • Identified future monitoring requirements for ongoing assessment and management of project-related impacts.
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