Assignment Name:
Monitoring of the Flood Disaster Prevention Actions in the Area of Lai Nullah Flood Zone


Location within Country:

Rawalpindi, Punjab

Name of Client:

CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd., Japan

Completion Date:

Oct 2009

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


Narrative Description of Project:

Lian Nullah is a river that passes through the city of Rawalpindi. During the monsoon rain of 2001 there was very high flood in the Lai Nullah which resulted in massive destruction of the property and loss of human life and livestock. Poor flood warning system and lack of preparedness for responding to the disasters was identified as one of the key factors for this destruction. Government of Japan provided technical assistance to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) for its capacity building in flood forecasting under a project for Strengthening of Flood Risk Management in Lai Nullah River Basin in Rawalpindi city.

A Japanese consulting firm, CTI Engineering International Co. Ltd., planned and implemented evacuation plans and awareness program for early warning of flood in the affected areas. To understand the effectiveness of the preventive measure it was desired to monitor the flood warning, evacuation and rescue operations.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

  • Coordinate survey work with partners including the City District Government of Rawalpindi, Civil Defense, and Rescue 1122 as part of the JICA project.
  • Monitor the actual evacuation process during flood warnings through video recording and photography.
  • Monitor the conditions and response at evacuation centers.
  • Conduct surveys with affected individuals at the evacuation centers.
  • Compile and analyze survey results.
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