Assignment Name:
Roshan Greenfield Kabul Afghanistan MSC (Mobile Switching Center) Buildings


Location within Country:

Kabul, Afghanistan

Name of Client:

Telecom Development Company Afghanistan

Completion Date:

December 2012

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


Narrative Description of Project:

The building projects are named as KBL-003, KBL-006, and WAK Buildings. These buildings will house equipment for Mobile Switching Center of TDCA. All these buildings will have a Communication Tower, Emergency Power Generation uninterrupted power supply and switching system. In addition, WAK Building will also serve as their main office. The Telecommunication Development Company Afghanistan has planned all its future expansions to be brought in these three buildings. These buildings will handle any addition to MSC equipment for next five year in Afghanistan.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

  • Complete Architectural, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Fire and Safety Design
  • Detailed Supervision

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