Assignment Name:
Special Assistance for the Project Formulation (SAPROF) for Implementation of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) Project


Location within Country:


Name of Client:

Nippon Koei Co., Limited, Japan

Completion Date:

December, 2008

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:


Narrative Description of Project:

Primary Disciplines:
  • Mass Transit, MRT Planning & Design
  • MRT / BRT Transportation & Integration Planning
  • Mass Transit, ITS System Planning & Design
  • Mass Transit, MRT Operational Planning
  • MRT Fleet Size Determination
The project was a further extension of project shown at Exhibit 9.1.1. After development of a travel demand model for Karachi, The Government of Japan was interested in sponsoring a mega project worth USD 1.5 billion focusing on a commuter rail system in Karachi called Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) Project. The project was a multifaceted project in which Exponent Engineers were hired by Japanese Counterparts (Nippon Koei Co., Limited) for performing demand forecasting analysis for KCR Project. The project involved designing and conducting extensive field surveys focusing on development of ‘binary logit’ models for various modes of transport being used by various people in Karachi. This eventually resulted in developing ‘Fare Based Modal Share Model’. Potential diversion to KCR under various fare scenarios were estimated using this model.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Our Staff within the Assignment:

The following services were rendered to the Client:
  • Designing appropriate traffic surveys for developing Logit Models.
  • Training of data collection teams
  • Conducting field surveys
  • Supervision of entire data collection task.
  • Supervision of data processing & quality assurance
  • Data analysis for development of diversion Models for KCR under various fare scenarios

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